Four Reasons Why You Should Work For A Green Company

Four Reasons Why You Should Work For A Green Company

What is a green job?

Any work or self-employment that leads to a more sustainable environment is considered a “green” job. The company or organization may be in green energy (for example, Solar energy), or in a conventional sector, but it must make genuine and significant efforts to reduce its carbon footprints and protect the environment.

Here are four reasons why you should work for a green company:

  1. Employee pride – The feeling of contributing towards a sustainable future is very attractive for millennials, which make up the largest section of the world’s workforce. Worker pride is rare, and proudly expressing association with a green company that supports the environment and makes a difference is significant, particularly in the age of climate change. This pride also comes out in competitiveness against traditional energy industries, and a competitive streak helps firms work towards environmentally friendly business models while achieving success in sustainable development.
  2. Companies that care about the environment value their employees –

At the end of the day, what matters to employees is that their company values their work, motivates them, and pushes them to reach even greater heights. A green company does so by not just looking at a mere profit and loss statement, but in prioritizing a business model that puts workers, their environment, and profit on equal footing. These values clearly depict a company that strongly advocates for the environment, as well as what that considers the impacts of its action before making any critical decisions. In doing so, these companies value their employee’s concerns and initiatives.

  1. Aligned values –

Job seekers want an employer whose values are a good fit with their culture. More than three decades of research shows that the match a person feels with an organization is a major driver of job choice. Having shared values means there is a similarity in goals and expectations between the employer and the employee. Those employees and organizations who have a clear work culture also have a greater bond and synergy with their workers, ensuring better performance and like-minded work philosophies. A green company’s culture is built around the philosophy of sustainability — it’s a win-win for both the company and its employees.

  1. The future is in renewables –

Today, more governments and organizations support green energy projects than ever before. This is creating a high demand for qualified professionals in renewable energy. Renewable energy is expected to make up 30 percent of the world’s energy by 2024, according to the International Energy Agency, most of which is driven by solar and wind projects that are being rolled out at a record-breaking pace.

Recruiting employees who are passionate about issues such as the environment and energy sustainability is critical to the success of a green organization. Green companies demonstrate similar passion and commitment to their own staff, which ultimately results in higher performance, reduced turnover, and increased productivity.

How Suntuity REI is making the difference:

Every day, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people by promoting the use of renewable technology and clean energy over fossil fuels and unsustainable resources. But perhaps even more importantly, we practice what we preach. Our employees engage in various CSR activities and volunteer for clean-up drives, ‘Fridays For Future’ climate change protests, and more not out of necessity, but genuine compassion for our shared cause. It is our mission to help create a clean and sustainable environment.

Our work prioritizes making a better world for everyone, and our ethics have helped us gain the trust of hundreds of clients. At Suntuity REI, we are driven by the mantra, “People, Planet, Profit” in order to align our values with our business. Everything we do helps build a brighter future for tomorrow while building upon our collective past. By realizing that profit is only a side effect of success, we’ve grown rapidly and set ourselves apart from our competitors that are often only motivated by monetary gains.

If you feel your own goals and ambitions align together with ours at Suntuity REI, head over to the Careers section of our website to find a suitable position and drop us your CV. We would love to hear from you.

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