Solar Energy – The new catalyst of Business Growth

Solar Energy – The new catalyst of Business Growth

Solar Energy Installations is no jargon for industries irrespective of the business volumes. It has been increasingly become the talk of every town and has been up on the charts as a key accelerator for gaining business sustainability. As much as industries are working towards using solar installations as a powerful source of energy, the solar companies are also working towards making more cost-effective options and energy de-carbonization in the interest of a sustainable society at large.

Before jumping to the business benefits of solar installations on commercial fronts let us first understand what solar energy is and how does it work. Solar energy is the energy emitted by Sun and can be used as a renewable source of energy using the solar panels that convert the sun rays into usable form with a combination of materials that allow the electron radicals to flow through and thereby produce the most essential form of energy ‘electricity’.

A study shows that an average business size consumes between 15,000 and 25,000 kWh a year, what if we tell you that at least 50% of these consumptions can be obtained from renewable energy resources thereby reducing the company expenditure on electricity bills by a whopping 30-50%.
In this era of ever-growing fossil costs, the one-stop resort for most sustainable models for any business efficiency is turning to solar compliant companies for efficacy in business growth. Let us go through a few of the benefits of industries going solar:

1) Green Business Benefits

Optimizing ecological footprint has become one of the major challenges to all small- and large-scale industries due to global warming. Using self-generated solar energy as an offset to electricity supply from the utility grid proves to be one of the biggest boons in this competitive industry. It not only adds to the overall cost savings but also proves to be a major market influencer to build an affirmative brand image.

2) Reduction in Operating Costs

Solar System installations make businesses inert to the fluctuations in the fuel prices and changing economy that affects the prices of energies generated by non-renewable energy sources. The increase in utility costs largely affects business revenues. Reduction in operating costs has an extremely positive impact on channelizing funds to newer business avenues and plans.

3) Government Subsidies

India is one of the fastest-growing countries to adopt Solar Energy as a resource not only by the government but by private setups and industries. This exponential change has been driven by two pioneer bodies Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI). If the concession schemes and subsidies up to almost 30% were not enough there are numerous other Tax Benefits that have been coming up since 2015 that makes adoption of Solar Energy Installations a Win-Win situation for all business types across different sectors irrespective of their business size.

In light of the Paris Agreement, the demand for environment-friendly and sustainable power generation sources such as solar has highly increased. Decision-makers are increasingly exploring options related to solar and other renewable sources. By constantly improving cost efficiency and environmental quality, solar is one of the cheapest sources of energy production today.


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