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Imaan Javan Director Suntuity Renewable Energy India

Imaan Javan

Director (Suntuity Renewable Energy India)

“At Suntuity, we believe in doing our bit to promote environmental consciousness, energy efficiency and a green eco-system. Our solutions assist in reducing carbon footprint and cater towards sustainable living. We owe our existence to Mother Earth and it’s our duty to save and protect it. Sustainable and renewable energy is the future.”

Suntuity’s role in the Indian Solar Industry

Suntuity REI is affiliated with the Suntuity Group of companies, one of the fastest-growing renewable energy companies globally. We provide utility-scale, commercial and residential solar energy, battery storage and renewable energy financing solutions for homeowners, business owners, and developers throughout India. Suntuity REI is well-positioned as a key player in India’s renewable energy industry, offering end-to-end financing, installation and system maintenance solutions for scalable renewable energy projects. In the past, Suntuity REI has delivered some of the highest efficiency solar energy solutions for various off-takers in South India. We recently completed the largest solar installation on an educational institution in Mumbai and have several more such projects in our pipeline. Suntuity will provide innovative financed solar solutions catering to the changing demands of the Indian market.”

Market opportunities that Suntuity can leverage to help India reach its ambitious target of 100 GW of renewable power generation by 2022

“We anticipate a significant increase in solar adoption and a sense of urgency and responsibility to take action as a result of the proposed target and the impending threats of climate change. Suntuity REI is part of a renewable energy conglomerate that has developed and installed over 250 megawatts of solar energy worldwide and has plans to both increase its installation capacity and deliver breakthrough solutions such as battery storage and water generation through its fully financed renewable energy solutions. As one of the key players in the industry, we continue to contribute towards making renewable energy both financially viable and available. Suntuity Foundation which is the non-profit branch of the Suntuity Group of companies provides impoverished countries with the help they need to produce self-sustainable energy.”

Challenges for solar developers in India’s open access niche

“From our perspective, Suntuity REI is positioned as an energy company and as such it provides a great opportunity for us to be able to offer solar energy and storage solutions directly to energy consumers and it gives the consumer the ability to choose where their energy comes from, creating a level of independence and autonomy that wasn’t available before. The challenge for developers in the past has been un-regulated or long term solar policies that may not be bankable regardless of open access and the unrealistically low solar power price expectations that are not profitable and cannot be met by many developers over the past years including quality products and installation which can guarantee production for a period of 25 years. These are the biggest challenges that a majority of developers face in the Indian Solar market today- projects with a rate of return lower than you could receive from a savings account.”

Suntuity’s distinctive value proposition that differentiates it from other industry competitors

“At Suntuity REI we are driven by prioritizing the mantra “People, Planet, Profits”, which is a great way to align ourselves with our morals and values. Everything we do helps build a brighter future for tomorrow while building on our past– our goal is to drive success, profit is a side effect of success and not our prime focus. This has helped us grow rapidly and sets us apart from our competitors that are often primarily motivated by profit.”

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