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Nagpur’s Dilip Chitre converts his Maruti Van into a Solar Vehicle

Nagpur’s Dilip Chitre turned his second-hand Maruti van last year into a solar-powered vehicle. His electric vehicle has covered 3,500 kilometers without giving any troubles so far. Mr. Dilip, who is also the owner of the city’s Shree Driving School, was the first to introduce this technology to the city. This 65 year old man is an advocate of clean technology and has tried to promote it through his driving school.

Dilip Chitre explained that electricity generated by the solar panel is stored in a battery overhead. “Even during recent rains I operated the vehicle on solar energy. In the last 8 months I have only had to charge the battery electrically only on two occasions.” Says Chitre. He had been toying with this idea of clean tech for over two decades before it was converted into success.

This solar vehicle gives an average of 25 km on one day of solar charging. He has appealed to government institutions like VNIT, NEERI and the automobile sector to research his idea further. “With limited resources, it is difficult for an individual like me to make such projects commercially viable. It will need at least Rs. 50 lakh for further research if the van has to be upgraded for a better average,” he said.

He also added, “With zero carbon footprints, solar vehicles will always have an edge over electric vehicles as in case of latter you tend to spread more pollution by generating power through coal based thermal units.”

Mr. Dilip chitre’s innovation is not only limited to solar vehicles. His home is powered with solar energy. In addition, he has also volunteered to help his friends adopt solar, including a showroom in Pratap Nagar. According to its owner, around 140 lights at the showroom operate on solar saving around Rs. 10,000 per month.

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